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Current Sensing Nanoampere

Question asked by vidalrjm on May 7, 2017
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I want to measure the current that consume my circuit. This circuit normally consume a few mA (10mA-80mA) during a small interval time and then go to deep sleep and consume around uA (0.8uA-5uA). The voltage would be between 5V and 1.8V.


I want to design a circuit that allow me to measure that current with a bandwidth of 350 KHz. I do not going to use an ADC I want to use the oscilloscope with a resolution of 1mV/division, so I do not need a great gain.


I was taking a look to your products but there are not any application note about that.


Do you recommend me some IC for that propose?. Do you know if exist some application note about that?.


Thank in advance.