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How to configure AD9361 on Picozed SDR SOM-XC7035 using Vivado reference project?

Question asked by vinaygb on May 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by rejeesh

I am using Vivado 2015.2 reference design available for Picozed XC7035 SOM. I could build the project, create sdk project and run all the example projects available on 

1. I need to configure AD9361 using SDK. I can see in the peripheral driver list, that AD9361 drivers are included. But I cannot see them anywhere in the project tree in SDK. Where to find AD9361 configuration files for this SOM.

2. Also I need to interface ethernet in the Vivado project, get data over ethernet and send/receive over AD9361.

Can you please suggest documentation for achieving this.