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HMC856 - 3ps resolution

Question asked by steve_ok on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by salemdar

Hi, I tested the delay line HMC856 with the application circuit and I do not get the 3ps resolution on the control range :

- with J5-B0 not connected, I have a 3ps resolution on half of the dynamic of the control range with the 4 other bits

- with J5-B0 at Vee, I have a 6 ps resolution on the whole dynamic with the 4 other bits.


According to Figure 19 on the datasheet, it is possible to get linear delay from 1 to 32 position.

What is wrong with the circuit? Actually I do not get the use of R2=1,2kohms, it changes the level on all entry when we use B0...

Thank you for your help.