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How to connect electrodes to EVAL-AD5933EBZ

Question asked by bayan on May 5, 2017
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I'm working on a project to measure the human body impedance, I have the EVAL-AD5933EBZ board and I tried to connect it as in the datasheet but I think my connections are wrong because I get the same value I choose for R1 , So I have the following questions:


1- If my unknown impedance was between certain range, and Rcal = Zmax+Zmin/3. Where should I connect Rcal ? and Should I use itphysically or only I have to enter the value in R1 box on the software ?  if R1=Rcal


2- where (R unknown) should be placed?


3- What is the use of PGA ? upon what need should we use x1 or x5? ( the datasheet mentions that x5 is going to saturate the DAC so why it's used?)


4- What is the sittings have to be changed on the software to get the correct results:


-If I have I frequency range or certain frequency how can I use them in software ? 

- Is mid point means ( one point ) and multi point means ( two point ) in gain factor calculation?


5- Can I use two  ECG electrodes which is (Ag/Ag Chlorides electrodes) in measuring body impedance ? If so, How the connection should be?


I attached picture 

This project have to be submitted very soon, a quick reply would be helpful.

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LouijieC musach , I'm mentioning you because I saw some answers from you on this subject.