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Tx received on Rx without connection

Question asked by atikah.h on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by sripad

When the ADI IIO oscilloscope transmits a tone, it can only be received when the TX and RX ports are connected. 


However, when I used my program just to generate a tone, the ADI IIO oscilloscope picks up the signal even when the ports are not connected.


The parameters used are below, and coded using the libiio: Main Page  library.



voltage0 = output (true)

altvoltage1 = output (true)


Port A selected, TX_LO frequency = 2.4GHz



bandwidth = 20MHz

hardware gain = -5

sampling frequency = 60MHz


TX1_I_F1 :

raw = true

phase = 0

freq = 5MHz

scale = 0.3


TX1_Q_F1 :

raw = true

phase = 270 (upper side band)

freq = 5MHz

scale = 0.3



RX port connected:


Receive port connected


RX port disconnected, signal still seen

Receive port disconnected


Does anyone know why this happens?