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creat a new project , how to write the ldf?

Question asked by feichen on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by feichen

Hi,expert, I am using the ADI-BF609,I want to do  a new cces project include H264_BP_MPEncoder and H264_BPDecoder, I want to know how to write the app.ldf file? L1 CODE MEMORY and L1 DATA MEMORY OVERFLOW?

the  H264_BP_MPEncoder .ldf file include :adi_fast_prio0_code、adi_fast_prio1_code、adi_fast_prio2_code、、、 

the  H264_BPDecoder .ldf file include :adi_fast_prio0_code、adi_fast_prio1_code、adi_fast_prio2_code、、、

the name are same,how to process this problem?