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AD9958 No Signal

Question asked by Chrispy on May 4, 2017
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i want to generate a Sine Wave with AD9958 but receive no output.
The Chip is connected like the Chip on the Evaluation Board, except that i only use the SPi Pins.
SDIO_0 and SDIO_2 are accessable while SDIO_1 and SDIO_0 are pulled to ground.
CS is connected to Ground because i only use one DDS.


The used Code is attached and the few commands i changed are highlighted.

I also attached my schematic, but i stayed as close to the evaluation board as possible for my application so i doubt that there are problems but maybe im wrong.


How can i check if the Chip got damaged while soldering? Is there a possible way to check this?
The Chip seems to trigger the Crystal correctly but as mentioned before i don't see any output.


Thanks for your help