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ADIS16490 gyro bandwidth

Question asked by andrea.gramazio on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by NevadaMark

Dear staff,

ADIS16490 Gyro has a bandwith of 480Hz, while ADIS16488A has a bandwidth of 330Hz, as reported in datasheets.

For the ADIS16488A, the datasheet reports (in section "Digital Signal Processing") the complete acquisition chain. In particular, the MEMS output is filtered with a two-pole filter, with 404Hz and 757Hz poles, then sampled by internal ADC and decimated.

A similar modeling for the ADIS16490 is reported in the datasheet, section "Inertial Sensor Signal Chain", but the anti-aliasing filter is not shown.

Since I need to investigate the phase delay of the acquisition chain, can you provide some information about this aspect?

In particular, can I model the MEMS gyroscopes with a filter f the 1st or 2nd order at 480Hz? If I exclude filter processing and decimation, are there other sources of delay in the acquisition chain?


Many thanks in advance and best regards,