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ADXL 312 FIFO Trigger mode issue

Question asked by Cooldeepband on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Anthony.DeSimone

Hello! I am using ADXL 312 accelerometer in order to monitor vibrations. To do so, I am using activity interrupt and FIFO in trigger mode. Interrupt occurs properly, but hte values are under the threshold level. Here're my settings:

0x2C - BW_RATE - 0x0F - ODR is 3200 Hz;

0x38 - FIFO_CTL - 0xE1 - Trigger mode with 1 sample;

0x31- DATA_FORMAT - 0x03 - 12g range;

0x2E - INT_ENABLE - 0x10 - enable activity.

0x24 - THRESH_ACT - 0x16 - about 1g

Before actual work, I calibrate sensor by entering offset registers.

So when interrupt appears, I read DATAX0...DATAZ0 once, and they are under 1g. What can be a source of this problem? However, there's also can be readings above 1g, but I wonder how it's possible to have accelereations under 1g, causing an interrupt.

Is it a sign that the frequency of my vibrations are higher than ODR?

Best regards, Daniyar Yenikeyev.