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ad5755 affected by temperature

Question asked by liuyl on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by rrosario

I'm using AD5755 to perform a current output, with external resistor (RSET),5ppm/c. When the temperature is about 25 degrees centigrade, the precision is within 0.05%FSR, but when the temperature reached 65 degrees centigrade, the precision increase to 0.3%FSR.
We tested the internal reference source in the process, but the drift of the source is just a little.
By comparing the output deviation at 25 degrees centigrade and 65 degrees centigrade, we found it is mainly the offset errors. So I'm wondering what could be the reasons that cause this...

And there's another problem the experiment above, we used just the multimeter to get the current, but when we add a 1K ohm resistor in series, the current output is different at different temperature. When the temperature is 25 degrees centigrade, the current didn't reduce much, but when the temperature raised to some extent the current output reduced significantly...and the greater the resistor is, the bigger the reduction. So could you help us solve this problem also? Thanks a million...