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ADF7030-1 Problem: No CW output in test mode

Question asked by DHunter on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by SteveH

I'm developing a product which is to operate on the 70cm band / 433MHz and am evaluating the ADF7030-1. Currently, I am able to communicate with the ADF7030-1 without issue. I am able to verify system state, set into PHY_ON, PHY_RX, etc. I have built my circuit around the recommended components described by UG-957 pg 10, figure 8. The attached file is what is loaded into the ADF7030-1, and was generated by the Design Software. I have validated 10 different registers by reading back and confirming expected values as stated by the design software. 


While I am unable to find the place to configure such parameters in the software, I am using an external oscillator of 26MHz as required by the datasheet's page 19, table 16, "DC-Coupled TXCO" section, including observation of the 1.8V logic level requirement. I have verified that the oscillator is connecting to pin 36 on the LFCSP package, as well as correct frequency output. (Crystek CVT25-26.000)


Presently, I am looking for verification of the Transmitter's operation by configuring register 0x20000548 (GENERIC_PKT_TEST_MODE0) with bit 16 set (Transmit constant carrier).


I get no expected output.


I do get a spread of a few specific spurs below -65dBm, whose energy is centered at around 602MHz. 


I am looking for next steps or specific areas to investigate for likely problems.


Thank you.