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Best Way to Mount ADXL345 to PVC Pipe?

Question asked by m1ocampo on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by John.Tuazon

 My class project team is using the ADXL345 to measure vibration of a ¾’’ diameter PVC pipe that has water flowing in it.  So far, one accelerometer is narrowly contained in a PLA 3D-printed rectangular prism case with one curved face that hugs the pipe's curve; this case is duct-taped onto the pipe.  We suspect that there is a better way to attach it such that we get the clearest possible signal.  Our professor recommended that we look into acoustic impedance, and make sure that our ADXL attachment does not impede the pipe vibrations. How would you recommend attaching our ADXL to the pipe? We are open to the attachment being permanent. This pipe may be buried beneath soil for later testing, so we should make sure that the accelerometer can be contained safely. Thank you!mems accelerometersmounting_tips