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ADSP-SC584 / ICE-1000 / CCES debug not working

Question asked by misterdsp on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by Kader.M

Create a new Crosscore 2.5.1 project with 3 cores for ADSP-SC584.


When creating a debug configuration, a 'preload' program gets added to core 0. It appears to automatically add a preload for silicon rev 0.1, I manually changed the preload file to 1.0 version to match our custom board.


Put a printf() at the head of my ARM 0 user code. Start the debugger, it says the cores are running, but nothing prints. No breakpoints are reached. MP Suspend shows the ARM core 0 always at __gnu_ldivmod_helper.


What is going on?