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The internal flash memory erase blocks

Question asked by EzHoaX on Oct 3, 2011
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in the ADSP-BF50x Blackfin® Processor Hardware Reference written that :


(ADSP-BF50xF Blackfin processors interface to a 32M bit (2M x 16) device.
The internal flash memory has an array of 71 blocks, and is divided into 4M bit banks. There are 7 banks each containing 8 main blocks of 32K words, and one parameter bank containing 8 parameter blocks of 4K words and 7 main blocks of 32K words.)


but i want to know the start and the end of each block address , for example the start address of internal flash memory in the ADSP-BF50x is

0x2000 0000 , and the first block start from this address , let me know the end of this block address.