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AD9912 heating up issue, and the communication failure as well.

Question asked by arunkuttath on May 1, 2017
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JLKeip, Kevin.G, DSB, LouijieC

I have made a query on engoneerZone few months back on behalf of the above mentioned issue, for this thread


   As per the suggestion from the supporters i have made changes in the crystal selection and ac coupling networks.

The schematic sheet is attached here and please comment on this design sheet for the bringing up of AD9912. Last time the AD9912 was not up ,the IC was also heating up drastically even though the power dissipation is nominal. Assuming the Crystals and ac coupling network is not so good. we have changed it this time.

   My requirement is to generate the minimum frequency possible, so chose the minimum system frequency that is 250MHZ.For making the system frequency i used the crystal and its is suggested by analog in the datasheet with a frequency of 25MHZ and PLL multiplication of 10X. and i chose the loop band width required for 10x,

Please tell me if anything else that i want to take care .