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AD9164 - This DAC handles complex signal processing. In figure 120 of the datasheet what drives the actual DAC, OUT_I or OUT_Q? Could it be one or the other, or the sum? If it is OUT_I, why bother developing OUT_Q?

Question asked by d_brown on Apr 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by danf

Figure 120 shows NCO Modulator Block Diagram.

This has the expected structure, and indicates 2 outputs, OUT_I and OUT_Q.

However there is only one DAC output port.

Should I assume OUT_I is converted to analog?

It seems OUT_Q is a no connect. But why is OUT_Q developed?


I'll note that OUT_I and OUT_Q are quadrature modulated on the same carrier, so they could be combined before conversion to analog.


The datasheet needs some additional details in this output area.