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missing output signal on DAC(s) running AudioLoopback_Ad1938DevB

Question asked by SLA on Apr 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by SLA


I run AudioLoopback_Ad1938DevB example on Blackfin Audio (EI1) EZ-Extender and have only noise on DAC(s) outputs.

Ad1938 configuration when well, same sport (both configuration are original from example), I can see TDM_FS with frequency 48kHz, got TDM_CLK 24.576MHz, 

Can see 4 ADC channels on TDM_OUT and 8 DAC channels on TDM_IN. MCLK_IN is 12.288MHz, Reset and Clatch are high.

When I inject test data in  ProcessAudioBuf (void) I can see live changes in 8 DAC channels, so is fine up to this point. Why Ad1938 do not convert data from this channels to outputs?

All channels are unmuted (master and individual).