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is it possible to obtain bearing data from 2 mounted ADXL355/354 sensors when one is on a static mount?

Question asked by registersa on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by NevadaMark

I'm currently using 2 3DM-GX3 sensors where one is mounted to a base platform and is static and the other is mounted to a rotational object. I'm able to obtain the precise bearing of the rotating object in reference to the static platform through some very simple calculations.  This is a pretty simple, but very expensive, setup.


I've read through the data sheets pretty thoroughly for the ADXL355/354 and all I see is data feedback with relation to changes in g-force.  What sort of data is read from the sensors when they are stationary?  What sort of data is read when they are moved in only a single axis?  How accurate are the readings on a static sensor?