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AD5248 2.5 kOhms characteristics

Question asked by f.w8a on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by rrosario

I need an accurate resistor  with more than 256 Steps. Thats no problem by using the AD5248. I can connect the two potentiometer/ or rheostaten with some other resisors. I dont want describe the circuit i'm using more precisenlty.

I'm interested in the Stepsize, the wiperresistance und the max. resistant of the AD5248 2.5 kOhm version. In the Datasheet, there is just described the 10 kOhm variant. I would be proud of some Information of the 2.5 kOhm variant.

As i sayed further, i need an accurate systhem. The tollerance of 20 percent aren't what i'm searching for, but there is no better component, so i must handle that. Does the tollerance describe the behavior of the AD5248 or an static devitacion of each single component ?

thank you for each help