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AD9371 Jesd does not sync

Question asked by Reis on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by Vinod


I m building an application for initializing and configuring AD9371, uising the mykonos api, and the common drivers. 

I followed the procedure described on the headless.c , all initializations seam correct until BBIC JESD Sync Verification.


The xcvr cores initialization is made successfully using the setup functions of the common drivers.


Usign this code, the sysref is detected but the jesd doesn't sync. 

Why doesn´t it sync ?


/***** Enable SYSREF to Mykonos and BBIC *****/
/*** < Action: Sends SYSREF Here > ***/

/*** < Info: Mykonos is actively transmitting CGS from the RxFramer> ***/

/*** < Info: Mykonos is actively transmitting CGS from the ObsRxFramer> ***/

/*** < Action: Insert User: BBIC JESD Sync Verification Code Here > ***/
xil_printf("RX JESD SYNC ERROR\n");

xil_printf("RX OS JESD SYNC ERROR\n");

xil_printf("TX JESD SYNC ERROR\n");



Thank you