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ZC706 + FMCComms5

Question asked by pjxan Employee on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by larsc

One of my customer has borrowed a couple of ZC706 boards running VxWorks. When they turn on the ZC706

they get the bellow message in Teraterm. If they change to the attached SD card that came with the FMComms5 boards nothing happens.


They have micro-USB to ordinary USB that they they have connected both mouse and keyboard to the board via a USB Hub + a HDMI connected monitor direct to the ZC706. They have tested with two different ZC706’s. They believe that ZC706 shall boot with the help with the SD card that comes along the FMComms5, correct ?


Othervice they tought that they should download from this site :


What should they do if they want to get up and running with a pre-built SD card ?

Can it be so that we have reprogrammed the QPSI flash on the ZC706 so that it doesn’t take the correct boot loader for Analogs Ubuntu based SW ?

It might be something unique that the Zynq tries to execute VxWorks first….


If they look at their ZC706 boards they correct strapped to this :