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Minimize AD9364 consumption when only in RX mode.

Question asked by Orlando on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Vinod

Dear Sir,

I am about to use the AD9364 for a GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Beidu) receiver, i.e. the AD9364 will ONLY be used in continuous receiver mode. Minimizing power consumption is a must. So, my question is if, in order to reduce consumption as much as possible, I can leave the different parts of theTransmitter section unpowered. This is to say leave the following power pins of the Transmitter floating:

        Pin           NAME                                    Description

  1. M7, M8:   TXA_P, TXA_N                   Transmit Channel Differential Output A. Unused pins must be tied to 1.3 V.
  2. M9, M10: TXB_P, TXB_N                   Transmit Channel Differential Output B. Unused pins must be tied to 1.3 V.
  3. B9:           VDDA1P3_TX_LO             Transmit LO 1.3 V Supply Input.
  4. B10:         VDDA1P3_TX_VCO_LDO Transmit VCO LDO 1.3 V Supply Input. Connect to B9.
  5. K3:           VDDA1P3_TX_SYNTH       1.3 V Supply Input.


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