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Can a 0.8V clipped sinewave oscillator drive the AD9528 REFA/B input?

Question asked by JeffP on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by pkern

I have a 10 MHz oscillator with a 0.8V clipped sinewave output that I'd like to use as the reference to the AD9528.  Rather than buffer the signal to LVDS or 3.3V CMOS, I'd like to drive the AD9528 reference input directly.  It appears from the datasheet (Table 4) that this would be possible by AC grounding one input (REFA_N) and AC coupling the other (REFA_P) to my oscillator.  My differential signal would be greater than 200mVp-p and the peak signal level would be less than 1.8V. 


Are there any performance limitations I should be aware of with this configuration?  The differential inputs aren't being driven symmetrically--is that a concern?    The datasheet (Table 4) lists a slew rate requirement of 500 V/us but it appears that only applies to VCXO_IN, not REFA or REFB.


Thanks for any guidance you can provide.