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ADV7611 Configuration

Question asked by polyee13 on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal


We currently have a Digilent FMC-HDMI mezzanine card connected to a Xilinx ZC706.  I inherited a ADV7611 initialization file that we use to configure the ADV7611 over I2C and I'm trying to determine what mode and other settings the file puts the ADV7611 in?


For example, does it do any conversion, i.e. RGB to gray scale, is it pass through mode, etc.


We have the following setup and are getting bit depth issues between a legacy box and redesigned box, which have the same firmware but different mezzanine cards (DVI vs HDMItoDVI)

Legacy setup:

Image Generator (DVI) --> DVI Receiver --> Legacy FPGA (Virtex5) --> Image Analyzer

New setup:

Image Generator(DVItoHDMI)--->FMC-HDMI (ADV7611)--> New FPGA-->Image Analyzer


The input imagery to the image generator is the same.


The input imagery to the image generator is the same and image generator is sending 24-bit video (RGB) data over HDMI through a DVI to HDMI converter. We use the output of the ADV7611 and send it to an FPGA for further processing. We send 12-bit gray scale video to the Image Analyzer in both setups.


With the old and new FPGA's running the same image algorithm's but yielding different image quality (bit depth of gray scale) we suspect that it is the configuration of the ADV7611 that is throwing it off.