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Where should the -Vs pin of AD8475 be connected to?

Question asked by liubenyuan on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by JinoL

Hi, in the datasheet of AD8475, it says that the voltage supply can be +-5V and +VS can be connected to 5V while -Vs can be connected to -5V or AGND. However, during simulation, it reports an error of singular matrix when connect -VS to -5V. Moreover, in CN-0385, CN-0345, CN-0269, all reference designs connect -Vs to AGND instead of -5V. So,


1, Is there any problem in connecting -Vs of AD8475 to -5V ?

2, I want to use ad8475 to drive AD4003, is it safe to use only 5VA and connect -VS to AGND without sacrificing any performances (i.e., CMR, THD, etc.)