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Error about AD9371 and IP-util_ad9371_xcvr

Question asked by Hans-li on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by CsomI


   I use the official resources to create the project of AD9371, the Synthesis of project is successed, but when running Implementation, the error apeared as follow:

[Place 30-847] GT-CHANNEL instance system_top_i/system_top_i/util_ad9371_xcvr/inst/i_xch_0/i_gtxe2_channel drives 2 loads of type MMCME2_ADV. This is an unplaceable situation since all these loads must be placed in a single clock region but each clock region has a maximum of 1 such sites.


   I think the problem may be caused by the application of PLL when using the JESD interface.


the vivado version is "vivado 16.4"


the problem IP is util_adxcvr_v1_0


Could any one help me to resolve the quesiton?