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problem in tdd mode functioning in ad9364

Question asked by rahulram on Apr 25, 2017
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      i am using fmcomms 4 board along with zc706 and running it on no os driver .Now from the reference design i have built an ofdm modem which sends and receive data through the said system. now my problem is that for testing my sensitivity i try to provide software attenuation at the transmitter side and try to decode it on the receiver side , but my problem is that when i try it in fdd MODE the system has no problem decoding the received frame at 0 db attenuation but when i switch it in tdd it is not even able to receive the signal and only works at attenuation above 60 db in software side(NO OS ), also i dont think it is a problem of timing as it is able to decode the signal above 60 db , so can anyone help me with this problem, any suggestion might be helpful,thanks