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Capacitors for the Optional OSC for AD9467 FMC EVB

Question asked by deedz on Apr 24, 2017
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I have an AD9467 FMC EVB which I want to use with ZEDBOARD and I want to use it without any external clock (I simply do not have access to any signal generator for that matter). I read the wiki page which says that in order to do that, I have to remove C202 and populate C205 and C206. This makes sense as removing C202 disconnects the external CLK input, and adding C205 and C206 connects the VCC6 onboard OSC. 


Now I have this question: I can remove the capacitor on C202 and install it at C205. Then, I will be missing one capacitor (the one that I need to install on C206). Is there another one which is unused that I can remove and install on C206? For instance, can I remove C204/C207/C208 and install in C206?


Thanks in advance.