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Issue with the SPI for ADRV9371 Board on a VCU108

Question asked by L.Christin on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by sripad


We are working with the ADRV9371, but we get an issue when we try to communicate by the SPI. We use the Xilinx SPI IP on a VCU108, with a Micro blaze MCU to implement the Mykonos code.

We put both Resetb and FMC_clk_resetb to one, and we have something coming out from the FPGA SPI, we checked it with a probe and everything is going through the FMC connector as it should be.

But at the moment we can’t get any response coming back from the Analog device board, but it’s working with the TES software on a ZC706. We compared the frame shape and they match (clock polarity and phases are good).


  1. Did we forgot something that is essential for the AD9371 evaluation board?
  2. Also what is the purpose of the HAL_initSpi() in CMB_setSPIOptions() because we don´t have any information about this, what do we need to do to replace it? It is used to change the register of the AD9371 SPI or only for the FPGA?
  3. In the constraint file we can´t use the IOSTANDARD LVCMOS25 we can only use LVCMOS18, can we have issue due to that with the High level?

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