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MYKONOS failing due to missing device file

Question asked by arodgers234 on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by gverma

I have gotten MYKONOS API to compile, I believe, and have a resulting .ELF program. However, when I attempt to execute this file, I get an error that a device file cannot be found, and therefore the program seems to be failing.


This behavior appears on the SD card which has the IIO Oscilloscope program. However, if I attempt to run the program on the SD card meant to run with the Evaluation Software, I do not see this issue. After looking for possible differences between the two, I notice that the Evaluation Software card has two "/dev/uio" files, while the IIO oscilloscope card does not. I am currently under the assumption that this would be the cause of the problem.


I understand that the two SD cards are not intended to be the same, and are different development branches, however, since I have seen on other posts that the Evaluation Software card does not release its source material, I cannot develop my custom application with that platform, I need to use the open source version.


The IIO oscilloscope card I am using is, I believe, the most recent release: 2016_R1-2016_12_23.img


What would be the cause of /dev/uio not being present, and how can I make my software run properly?