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50Hz Noise in AD8233.

Question asked by Bharathgopal on Apr 24, 2017
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we have designed a ECG monitoring product which uses AD8233 and AD7091R as a front-end. Our design is 0.034Hz to 159.9 Hz with a gain of 200 and 0.765 Q-factor. Everything works fine with few problems.

1) When the device is worn by a human and if he is touching a 50HZ supply line, the 50HZ noise is being picked up by the device. Is there a way to avoid this?

2) There is a small noise in the ECG. The contact is prepared well before the electrodes are placed. And a wet contact is maintained between body and the electrodes. Attachment shows the Noise. How to remove this randomly occurring noise?

3) When the person wearing the device breaths heavily the baseline keeps wandering. Any suggestion to remove the baseline wandering?


Attached signals are captured at Vout of AD8233 using Analog discovery kit, on a live human.


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