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ADAU1452 How to transfer the length to delay time?

Question asked by Alvis on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by Alvis

Hi all,

I saw some products that have one function like "length correction" I guess this is use on two different length

source line, and two device output will delay, so there is one function: choose the source line length and it will 

map to one delay time to synchronize two device output time (ms or second).

If I want to use ADAU1452 to do this function, how should I do? My first idea is using MCU to calculate the length and mapping to the delay time(user defined). Does there has one block that can enter the time and the signal will delay the time which I input?

Example: 1 meter source line and the delay time will be 0.45ms

In the Sigmastudio, I only saw delay block that is using "Max" and "current sample", so if I want to make a delay time block how should I do?