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AD9910 - Loading the RAM data files without Eval-board

Question asked by passion0000 on Apr 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by KennyG

 Although it would be a fundamental question, let me ask one question. I want to know how to load the RAM data files without evaluation board.

 Above all, I want to introduce my procedures for loading the RAM data files with the evaluation board and software which were provided by Analog Device. Using evauation board and software, I successfully loaded the RAM data files and I could easily generate some ramp signals which I wanted. To be specific, several detailed conditions are mentioned below.

 - Fsystemclk = 1GHz

 - Start frequency = 250 MHz

 - End frequency = 350 MHz

 - frequency step = 0.1 MHz

 => RAM data files : 250MHz, 250.1MHz, 250.2MHz ~ 352 MHz, 352.1 MHz, 352.2 MHz

                                (# of data = 1024, I attached RAM data files which consists of Hex)

 I loaded these RAM data files using RAM I/O Window in the evaluation software. And then, Using Profiles Window, I designated each RA segment by setting Beginning and Final Address, step rate, and mode control.


 What I really want to know about is how I can load the RAM data files without Evaluation software and board. I want to know the similar procedure as I loaded attched text files in the RAM I/O Window when I used Eval-software. I think I might have to use SPI control pin such as SDIO, SCLK, I/O_RESET pins. Could you please let me know the detailed process for loading RAM data files?