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ADXL345 vs ADXL375: difference in Ranges/Resolutions selection

Question asked by bvn123 on Apr 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Anthony.DeSimone


I use ADXL345 and ADXL375 under a uC software, which was written for ADXL345.

The Datasheet for ADXL345 says about ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g ranges and corresponding to these ranges 10/11/12/13bits resolutions.

The Datasheet for ADXL375 shows only one range ±200g and 13bits resolution. .


Inspite of the ADXL375 Datasheet's info, that Register 0x31 only state for bits D3:D2:D1:D0 is 1n11 (D3 is the Full resolution bit, D1:D0 are the Range bits), the ADXL375 reacts for D1:D0  and D3 change in the Register 0x31 the same way, as the ADXL345,

So, in reality ADXL375 also provides 4 ranges (±25g/±50g/±100g/±200g).


Does ADXL345 really need 4 ranges? May be, it is enough to use the range ±16g under 13 bits resolution, as for ADXL375, or vice versa, 4 ranges for ADXL375?


Or, may be, there is some unobvious difference between these accelerometers, concerning the range/resolution change?