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AD9152 DAC DC Test Mode Configuration

Question asked by vish1ram on Apr 21, 2017
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 I want to run AD9152 in DC Test Mode. For this do I need to follow all the device setup steps i.e. steps 1 to 5 mentioned in data sheet? Or is it sufficient if I just start up the DAC and do physical layer setup i.e. step 1 and step 4 and then just configure the registers for Digital Modulation, DC offset and DC test mode?


I want to test the DAC without providing external digital data input through JESD204B lanes. I am planning to generate a sine wave combining Digital Modulation (fdac/8 modulation) and DC offset.


If anyone can provide me with the list of registers that are to be configured for running AD9152 in DC Test Mode that will be very helpful.


sorry for asking in Highspeed ADC forum, but we enquired in DAC forum, it seems like forum is inactive. It would be great anyone support for this. 


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Rama Krishna