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ADC7903 Driver and Sampling frequency

Question asked by Jordan67 on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Jordan67

Hello everyone,


I am working on the ADC7903 and i bought the evaluation board, but there is two points i don't understand:


- First, what is the interest of the driver component ? I read a lot on this but i still don't understand. The input is equal to the output. what happen if i don't put a driver ?  I choose the AD4940-2 to drive my ADC.


- Second, when i use the software of Analog Device, i can change the sampling frequency on the left of the software. The problem is that i see nowhere how to change this in real (i think it is with the SDI but no part in the datasheet talking about this). But in the datasheet i saw : "The AD7903 powers down automatically at the end of eachconversion phase; therefore, the power scales linearly with the sampling rate." Which mean i can change it no ?


Thank you