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AD7768 EVB Source Code

Question asked by Jakepeters on Apr 21, 2017
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This is a continuation of a previous question:

AD7768 EVB Source Code 

Which has also been converted into a document, apparently:

AD7768 EVB Source Code 


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This is a reply to the question from ADI's NiallM:


"Do you have a particular duration for which you need to sample continuously? Or could you sample a few minutes worth of data at regular intervals to check the drift in your system? Hours worth of data from the AD7768 will take up an enormous amount of disk space.  "


I understand that it would take a lot of disk space, but I'm looking to sample at a low rate. I think the lowest rate on the AD7768 is 1 kSa/S, but it may be 32 kSa/s on 2-4 channels over several days (1 week, but maybe up to 3 weeks).


I want to minimize the time between measurement periods, so a some type of circular, or dual-buffer approach would probably help minimize dead time.