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I can't to use ISP IRQ in ADUC7060

Question asked by Lucho on Sep 30, 2011
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I'am trying to implement a simple ISP (ADUC7060 slave) communication and I can't to use ISP interrupt.

I started with an Keil (uvision) example and it doesn't work.


I have the following registers:


    POWKEY1 = 0x1;
    POWCON0 = 0x78;           // Set core to max CPU speed of 10.24Mhz
    POWKEY2 = 0xF4;


    // Configure P0.0, P0.1,P0.2 and P0.3 for SPI mode
    GP0CON0 = BIT0 + BIT4 + BIT8 + BIT12; // Select SPI/I2C alternative function for P0[0...3]
    GP0KEY1 = 0x7;           //Write to GP0KEY1
    GP0CON1    = 0x00;       // Select SPI functionality for P0.0 to  P0.3
    GP0KEY2 = 0x13;           //Write to GP0KEY2
    // Enable SPI Slave mode and interrupt sources
    SPICON = BIT0    // Enable SPI
           + BIT7   // Clk pulses high at start of each bit + Initiate transfer on write to Tx FIFO
           + BIT9    // MISO modo normal
           + BIT11;           //Continuous transfer mode + Enable IRQ on 1 byte transfer


     IRQEN = BIT12; // + BIT13;         // Enable SPI + XIRQ0interrupt (external interrupt 0)


Then, I have an infinite while:  while(1){}



And finally i have the interrupt routine but doesn't work! : void IRQ_Handler(void) __irq




Somebody can help me??

Thanks and regards