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ADV7802 vs. ADV7842 registers

Question asked by pasik on Apr 21, 2017
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I've been looking at the HW/SW docs for register map details for ADV7802 and ADV7842 ICs.


I can see the more recent ADV7842 register map contents/values have a lot in common with the older ADV7802 IC, meaning features have matching register names/values with the older IC, but some features are "missing" from the newer ADV7842. 


For example I can see "missing bits" in these registers in the ADV7842 SW documentation, SDP Map Details Register:

0x57 bit 5: "PR_240_288".

0x58 bits 4-5 and 7: "LTL_STRONG", "LTL_WEAK", "SD_DETECTED_IN_PR".


Is it likely that those features are actually missing from the ADV7842 IC hardware, or is it just a "documentation issue" ?


The registers are obviously there, so I'm wondering if I could use those "missing" features with the newer ADV7842 IC by reading the older ADV7802 IC manuals and using the register/bits information from that


I'm asking before I actually buy the eval kit because I'd actually need for example the SDP register 0x57 bit 5 "PR_240_288" status feature with ADV7842..


Thanks a lot.