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ADV7626 as 4K HDMI splitter

Question asked by ContiMatteo on Apr 21, 2017
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briefly, this is my situation: I want to develop an application to split simultaneously the same 4K 30 fps HDMI input to two HDMI outputs, no audio or OSD needed. I found ADV7626 IC that suits my requirements. For space reasons I need to develop my own PCB and to do that I studied the evaluation board schematic of EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ.


Since I don't need any extra processing operation, is it correct to assume that ADV7626 controlled by an host uP via I2C/SPI could completely work as an HDMI splitter? I found on the documentation the I2C addresses and values that specifies the instructions set to send to ADV7626. Also, some more info comes from this post: 4K video issue with ADV7626 (see their attachment) 

Moreover: can I exclude from my PCB all the parts related to ADSP-21487 (no audio) and BF524 (use a different uP for I2C or SPI communication) without compromising the functionality of ADV7626?


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