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FMCOMMS1 Start up sequency

Question asked by xanyanou on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by oppradhan


I am trying to use the fmcomms1 board (only tx part) with my own design (using only FPGA).
Until now, I started up the Zedboard, reference desgin intialised the fmcomms1 board (by default a single 40Mhz tone was generated), then I wrote my own design on the FPGA and I was able to send my own data to the DAC and totally manage AD9122, AD9523 and ADF4351 with my I2C block through the fmcomms1 µc.

Now, I am trying to use the fmcomms1 with a new carrier board and a new FPGA (artix 35T) with the same HDL design (just routed on correct pins).
FMC_VADJ is set to 2V5, and I am able to communicate with the fmcomms1 µc (blink µc led for example).

I would like now send AD9523 registers configuration by I2C and then AD9122 registers configuration.
But after sending AD9523 registers configuration I have no clock on DCO pins for example. DAC seems to not receive any clock too.


So maybe I forgot something for the startup sequecy of the board ?
Maybe just write AD9523 registers is not sufficient ?


Thank you for your help