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AD9268 can't collect data

Question asked by madge on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by madge

Hello All,

    I am having some trouble working with AD9268.I have a board with an FPGA talking to four AD9268 chips.I use SPI and about Vref I set programmable reference(R2=10K,R1=5K),register0x18 with 00(1.25Vp-p). But when i measured it,the voltage of Vref pin is 0.5V.When I use chipscope to collect ,there is only one fixed value.And ORA pin always show high level. These are my setting .The first 16 bits are the address, and the last 8 bits are data.


spi_port =24'h000018;
id =24'h000132;
grade =24'h000210;
channel =24'h000501;
transfer =24'h00ff01;
 power_mode =24'h000880;
global_clk =24'h000901;
 clk_divide =24'h000b01;
 test_mode =24'h000d07;
 bist_en =24'h000e04;
 adc_input =24'h000f00;
 offset =24'h001000;
output_mode =24'h001401;
 clk_phase =24'h001602;
 dco_out =24'h00170f;
 vref =24'h001800;
dither_en =24'h003000;

This is my circuit.I hope to get your reply as soon as possible.Thanks very much.