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sport overflow error but status is partially full

Question asked by verysmallbits on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by rf247

I'm using sport0, primary only, as a receiver with external clocks.


right now i'm just making sure everything is robust using just polling before i switch to DMA mode, and, of course, it's not.


i simply loop over the number of samples i want, checking to see if the RX buffer has become full.  when it's full, i read the primary RX data register and continue on.


so on a fairly regular basis i get a situation where the routine errors out, because


SPORT_ERR_A = 0x10


CTL_A = 0xa00919f1


which indicates the buffer is partially full.


how is this possible ? if there's a buffer overflow, then the buffer must be full or it would not have overflowed.


the other question is, what is the proper method to run in polling mode ?


should i actually be reading the data register when i see that ctl_a indicates the buffer is partially full, or wait until it indicates that it is full ?


Thank you,


actual code:

    // enable the SPORT A
    ctla = *pREG_SPORT_CTL_A;
    ctla |= ENUM_SPORT_CTL_EN;
    *pREG_SPORT_CTL_A = ctla;
    err = *pREG_SPORT_ERR_A;


    i = 0;
    while (i < nsamples*2 && err == 0)
        tries = 0;
        ctla = *pREG_SPORT_CTL_A;
        pstatus = ctla & BITM_SPORT_CTL_DXSPRI;
        err = *pREG_SPORT_ERR_A;
        while (pstatus != ENUM_SPORT_CTL_PRM_FULL && err == 0) {
            ctla = *pREG_SPORT_CTL_A;
            pstatus = ctla & BITM_SPORT_CTL_DXSPRI;
            err = *pREG_SPORT_ERR_A;
            tries = tries + 1;
        if (err == 0) {
            data = *pREG_SPORT_RXPRI_A;
            if ((i & 0x1) == 0x0) {
                lbuffer[i>>1] = data;
            } else {
                rbuffer[i>>1] = data;
            i = i + 1;