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Need a DAC with 2 positive and negative outputs of max 1,5 V

Question asked by Glasschair_Konstantin on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by harryh


I am looking for a DAC in order to proportionally steer a power wheelchair using a raspberry pi model 3.

This means we have a power source of 5 V.

The wheelchair requires the voltage signals to be -1,2 to +1,2 V to go backwards  and forwards . The resolution doesn't need to be especially high. Do I need a negative power supply as well?

I bought an AD5734, which I thought fits the mentioned requirements, however I don't get it to work. I soldered it to a PCB and connected it as well as I understood from the manual (The manual is not exactly a How To, which I probably need). What's the code I have to send? I tried hexadecimal, sending a "word" to address the output range select register and then sending a "word" corresponding to a certain output voltage I calculated. However I always measured 0 V on the output. Are there any other "words" I have to send first?

Sorry for the lengthy post.

Any help will be highly appreciated.