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Using an AD9164-FMC with an ADS7-V2, is it possible to control the AD9164 DAC output with an external signal? 

Question asked by Beverly on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Beverly

I am trying to synchronize the AD9164's output to a global (external) 10MHz clock.  Basically, I need the AD9164 to generate a series of Gaussian modulated pulses at different carrier frequencies where each pulse is synchronized to an external trigger generated from a global 10MHz clock.  Optionally,  is it possible for the AD9164/ADS7 to generate an external "ready" signal (synchronized to the 10MHz clock) once data transfer over JESD has completed and the the modulated signal is ready to transmit?  (This would assume the values for the FTW and the modulus accumulators have been programmed and are ready for either a write to the FTW_LOAD_REQ bit or for TXEN to enable data to the DAC.)