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TX Monitor High and Low Gain

Question asked by fischer on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by fischer

I have a question regarding the TX monitor gain. I write in the TX Monitor High and Low Gain register (0x067 and 0x068) the same gain value, eg. 20 dB gain.

Then I control with the value in register TX Atten Threshold 0x078, which gain register is used. Is the attenuation written in register 0x073 above the threshold value in 0x078, the High gain is used, elsewhere the Low gain is used.


Have I understood this correctly? Now my question: When switch between the Low and High gain by setting the threshold in 0x078 one time below and one time above the TX attenuation in 0x073, I get different signal amlifications. But I wrote the same gain value in the High and Low gain registers.


Are there different gain stages used for High and Low gain, or is there only one gain stage choosing between those to gain registers?