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ADV7626 Design

Question asked by ressim on Apr 19, 2017
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I will design a circuit with ADV7626 and my design will be like this:


An HDMI source will be input of ADV7626 and original audio will be used for HDMI output of ADV7626. On the other hand, extracted audio by ADV7626 will be used for another application. Dynamic text data will be gotten from SPI flash and overlaid on video into ADV7626. HDMI output of  ADV7626 will be connected to monitor. Only ADV7626 and SPI flash will be used. It can be seen from below photo.


Could you please help me for below questions?


  • Do I need any other IC for this project? Should I use Blackfin, Sharc or another IC as your demo board?
  • I will use Blimp tool for OSD (only text). When I checked the user guide, I saw that it is compatible with ADV7625. Is it compatible with ADV7626 as well?
  • Text data should be dynamic for my project, so is it possible with Blimp tool? Should I make a modification on output of the Blimp tool?
  • Can I upload the output file of the Blimp tool to SPI flash memory directly and communicate with ADV7626 via pins U13(EP_MOSI) and V13(EP_MISO)?
  • Do I need special programming HW tools for upload output file of Blimp tool to SPI flash or MCU?
  • Do I need special programming HW tools to program ADV7626?