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AD9371 JESD204B dataformate

Question asked by xiaoyide on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 6, 2017 by xiaoyide

I used AD9371 to design an RF board.Now I meet some questions in JESD204B interface. I have used API software to config AD9371 already,and use DDS to generate single tone to TX.but spectum analyzer recived an wideband signal in the TX output,not an single tone.I want to know how to send right data to JESD204B IPcore.thank you.


the TX jesd204b I use thi mode,


 DAC rate is 122.88Msps DDS  4MHz single tone. the TX RF out spectrum is :




In the recive channel,the recive data is very strange.whatever I change RX gain or not give signal to RX RF input,the data do not change all the time. ADC JESD204B I use this mode.


   the ADC data is :


I want know the JESD204B data format , how to transmit and recive an single tone. thank you very much!