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ad9361 - dds settings

Question asked by Selwyn on Apr 18, 2017
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    I am working on picozed-sdr2, rev C. I am doing some performance comparison between the OS driver and non-OS. For OS driver settings regarding the DDS, I am able to set 3 things, frequency , phase and scale, same as the non-OS. From what I tried on the OS gui , regarding the scale: I am able to set from -90 to 0 dB. For non-os , how do I set the same setting? By the default setting I check in the non-os driver, the value is set to 250000. May I know how does this 250000 in non-os relate to the OS gui scale (in dB)? I look deeper into the c code, all I have seen is it is trying to determine the sign, int and fract part and set it to the dds registers. Nothing inside relates to the OS gui scale (in dB). There is no comment stated as to what the 250000 stand for.


Please kindly get back to me asap, as I am doing a performance comparison between OS and non-OS driver as this will affect my starting approach for my work.