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AD5412 Voltage Reference out of specification

Question asked by Vincent.Anstek on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by rrosario

Hello, ADI expert,


It is regarding to AD5412 design, the application uses as unipolar voltage output with +15V/0V/0V (AVDD/GND/AVSS) supply voltage.

When customer checked the AD5412 internal REFOUT is 4.900V that was below min specification. 

I would like to have your advice what kind the possibility caused the Vref out of range. 

Here is checked list:

   1. Vout works well, but only could achieve 9.8V or 19.8mA output.

   2. Whole GND pin soldering checked. (the EPAD can't confirm)

   3. Analog power on first then Digital power.